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Why Delhi Should Not Be Skipped

Why Delhi Should Not Be Skipped | Always A Foreigner

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Why Delhi Should Not Be Skipped


India is one of those magical places that will continue to call you back long after you’ve left and returned home. While traveling there, we fell in love with the ancient cities of Rajasthan, the towering mountains of Dharmsala, and the lush tropics of Goa. The city can be a hard one to love, but this is how we fell in love with Delhi and the beautiful chaos that defines this metropolis. Based on our experience in they capital, this is why Delhi should not be skipped.



Our adventure in India started and ended in Delhi, as it does for many with the access to the large international airport. In a city where animals roam the streets, traffic laws seem to not exist, and the population density is one of the highest in the world,  it’s hard to find a quiet or peaceful moment.

First Impressions

Admittedly Delhi was not our favorite at first. Visiting the big monuments was awe-inspiring and of course loved them, but the rest….was a lot to handle. We dreaded having to make our way into its overcrowded depths to catch buses or trains. We were constantly in traffic, constantly battling tuk-tuk drivers for decent fares, and constantly covered in a fine layer of grime and dust. Spending extra time here was avoided, and were in and out as fast as we possibly could manage.

And then one day, we stayed. We had missed our bus to Rishikesh and rather than go all the way back to our home stays 2 hours away, we stayed the night. One night turned into two before we could find another bus, and in those two nights our minds had been changed about Delhi. We gave Delhi a chance in those two days, and it amazed us. We had no idea why Delhi should not be skipped, but it was all of a sudden abundantly clear. 

How We Fell in Love with Delhi

The city still had the crowding, the dust, and the noise, but it had a grungy charm to it as well. I can’t put my finger on it exactly. Maybe it was the crumbling ruins found in parks, or the beautifully fragrant aromas coming from spice stalls. Or possibly, it was the friendly street vendors and restaurant owners, or the maze of the Main Baazar we would find ourselves lost in, or….well you get it. It captured our hearts and our imaginations and transported us to a different world.

Delhi Days

After our two days spent in the Main Bazaar, we found a reinvigorated want to explore what Delhi had to offer. We wandered the halls of the National Museum, drinking in the scenes and artifacts of India’s rich history. We tuk-tuked around the city to new markets, new shops, and new restaurants. We lazed our days away eating street food and having picnics amongst the ruins in Hauz Kauz village. We spent our nights joining Delhi locals in serene walks around Lodi Gardens. 

Cazzie and I took breaks from the mega-city to explore the rest of the country and eventually moved into the mountainous region of the north. As the nights grew too cold in the Himalayas though, we retreated into the warmth of Delhi and spent our last week in India in the city we once detested. Each day we found something new to love about the city, and each day we wondered why we had ever hated it in the first place. In the end, we are so glad we gave Delhi a chance to change our minds.

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  • Hannah says:

    I’ve never been to India, but this definitely made me want to visit. It definitely makes sense that you wouldn’t want to go through crowded buses and streets, but the sights looked worth it!

    • alwaysaforeigner says:

      Absolutely! The sights made it more than worth it, and as we spent more time in the city we realized we loved it. I hope you do visit one day, it’s spectacular!

  • ylima says:

    We loved Delhi! Just like you, it was not our favorite, but as we explored and met the people, we fell in love with that place. We vowed to go back.

    Great post- thanks for sharing!

    • alwaysaforeigner says:

      I’m glad you loved Delhi as well! We’ll be returning at some point as well…hopefully sooner rather than later! Glad you liked the post.

  • lexandneek says:

    What a wonderful blog! It’s refreshing to read how you two gave Delhi a chance to show its inner beauty (beautiful photos). We’d love to visit one day…

    • Always A Foreigner says:

      Thanks! We were verrrrrry against Delhi at first, and I’m glad we gave it a second chance. If you ever do go, be sure to eat as much street food as you can find. It’s all so delicious!

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