Where to Find a Christmas Tree in North Carolina? | Always A Foreigner

Where to Find a Christmas Tree in North Carolina?

Where to Find a Christmas Tree in North Carolina? | Always A Foreigner

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Where to Find a Christmas Tree in North Carolina?

Anyone can go to the pop-up parking lot Christmas Tree stores and pick a tree from those. But do you want to make it a true adventure? A fantastic memory or a new tradition? If you’re in search for a Christmas tree in North Carolina, Linville Falls is the perfect answer.

This year, we drove to Linville Falls Winery and the attached Red Barn Tree Farm to snag a Christmas tree in North Carolina for our home. I’ll admit it…I was all in for the parking lot tree stands in town. But Cazzie convinced me this would be much more fun, and I’m easily convinced when there is wine involved!

Linville is an adorable tiny mountain town in the High Country of North Carolina. The small community is famous in the outdoor world as it is home to Linville Gorge and Linville Falls, but is also famous for world class resorts, golf clubs and luxurious mountain homes.


The Linville Falls Winery is situated in a small valley surrounded by gently rolling hills full of vines and evergreen trees. One of the best parts about winter in North Carolina is that it never really gets too cold, and we were able to sit outside on the patio comfortably enjoying the sunshine.

After a glass of wine, we set out on our journey to find a tree. You grab a pole with some taped colors on it to designate the height, and then you take a short hike on up the hills to find your perfect tree. When you find your tree, all you have to do is wave that stick in the air until someone comes with a truck and they will help you saw the tree down and transport it to the parking lot.

We had our niece in tow, and like many teenagers she is usually glued to her tablet. This was the perfect opportunity to get her outside, get her disconnected, and get some much needed fresh air! She had a blast taking pictures by the small lake, waving the pole in the air like a maniac, and walking through the trees in search of the one we would take home.

There were so many great options, and I loved how each tree was different. Each one had it’s own imperfections that made them unique and lovable, and we settled on a short plump fellow with full branches. Emily, our niece, raised the stick up in the air and waved like a madman until one of the workers saw and came to assist us.

He pulled out his saw, and before I could even pull out my camera, the deed was done. We were the owners of a new Christmas Tree. All that was left was to sit hot chocolate in the Red Barn and watch as Cazzie attached the tree to the roof of our car.


I must admit I felt a small pang of guilt as I watched the tree topple over. Aren’t we hurting the planet by killing all these trees, I asked? For those of you with bleeding hearts like mine, I did some research.

Research has shown that the carbon emissions of real trees are 1/3 of the amount of a plastic artificial tree. It gets a little hazy when you start to factor in reuse of artificial trees, but experts agree that it would take 10-20 years of reusing the same tree to equal the sustainability of a real tree. Plus there’s all the shipping carbon emissions to take into account if your tree was made in a place like China.

Furthermore, Christmas tree farms in North Carolina and everywhere help to generate clean air by sucking carbon dioxide out and providing oxygen. One acre of a tree farm provides clean air for 18 people daily. That’s pretty significant!

Also…who doesn’t love the smell of a real Christmas tree?

Family fun, sustainability, and soul warming hot chocolate. If you’re still in search for your Christmas tree in North Carolina this season, head to Linville Falls, or any Christmas Tree farm in your area. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

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