Ultimate Weekend Getaway to Blowing Rock, NC | Always A Foreigner

Ultimate Weekend Getaway to Blowing Rock, NC

Ultimate Weekend Getaway to Blowing Rock, NC | Always A Foreigner

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Ultimate Weekend Getaway to Blowing Rock, NC

The tiny adorable town of Blowing Rock, North Carolina has long captivated the hearts of travelers. Ever since its inception as a town in 1889, Blowing Rock has been a favorite destination of those in the know in the Southeast region of the United States. Full of history, mountain views, and a love for the arts, Blowing Rock is a fabulous weekend getaway.

Legend has it that the town got it’s name from a strange rock formation in the southern portion of town. The rock sits on the top of a cliff face and has strong wind gusts that come from the Linville Gorge. One day, a Cherokee brave jumped into the gorge below, only to be carried back to the safety of land by a strong wind. This legend is what gave the town the name of Blowing Rock. For those more interested in history, check out their beautiful new museum in the downtown area.

Blowing Rock Shopping

For all the shopping lovers, Blowing Rock will be your type of place. Each store downtown has different types of items and are so fun. We love to head to Blowing Rock during Christmas season to find unique gifts for everyone on our list.

My advice is, if a store looks interesting, take a walk around! I love the Bolick and Traditions Pottery store (which also has adorable clothing), Footslogger, and the weird kitschy country knick-knack store.

If you plan on spending the day downtown, parking can be a hassle. During the summer and fall months, parking can be almost non-existent so be sure to arrive early.

Blowing Rock Restaurants

It’s safe to say that The Speckled Trout is one of our favorite restaurants ever. We love the modern atmosphere in there, and they have the best selection of beer. Plus their food is fabulous! We’ve now been three times, and I see us visiting again and again. They have a board up in their main room of the restaurant that says exactly what farm and location their food is sourced from, most if not all local. This last time we were there, we met the owner and he was such a nice guy. All around great place. And is super family friendly for those with tiny tots!

Another great place is the Blowing Rock Brewery Ale House. They have massive Bison Burgers (also farmed in North Carolina) and their staff is super friendly. Because this is a brewery as well, there’s tons of great beer options! The menu has great southern dishes, and some typical beer hall food with some hard hitting entrees. Definitely worth a stop in!

Six Pence is another option for beer lovers that are looking for something to eat. It has a definite pub feel to it, and a good amount of beer/drink options. We tried the nachos, which I don’t think was the best choice. However, the Shepard’s Pie is fabulous, and the Fish and Chips seem to be a staff favorite.

blowing rock

For breakfast, I have to recommend Southern Comforts. It’s a town favorite, and it can get packed on weekends during the rush. We had a delicious and typically southern meal of biscuits and gravy, and country fried steak.

Kilwin’s is the local ice cream shop and is so necessary to visit on every Blowing Rock Trip. We seriously go every time we pass through and it’s unbelievably great. Even just the smells when walking by are enough to tempt you to come in! Ice cream there is great, but they offer free fudge samples and have great chocolate covered pretzel rods as well. Yum!

blowing rock
Who doesn’t love Ice Cream?!

Town Tavern is the local sports bar. Canyon’s restaurant a little outside of town is known for the view, and the food is okay.

For those with fancier palettes, we have good word that both Roots and Bistro Roca are great options. We’re more of the ballers on a budget type, so we haven’t tried either of those ourselves.

Blowing Rock Hotels

Location is key in Blowing Rock. We’ve stayed at both Chetola Mountain Resort and Blowing Rock Brewery Inn, and both were fantastic. I would highly recommend getting a hotel that is located downtown, or at least within walking distance.

Blowing Rock Inn is a fun option for those who plan on drinking a little more than the legal limit at the brewery. Best part is, you can just walk upstairs, and bring your beer with you! We ate at the Ale House, and brought our beers upstairs with us after we were done eating. We got to cozy into our bed and watch movies while drinking our beer, which was so relaxing. Check out the full review here!

Chetola Resort is a little bit more of an upscale accommodation option. This resort is a shining example of high class mountain living. There are regular rooms, and condos available, and there are tons of amenities on site. There’s a full spa, exercise room, excursions such as fly fishing trips, and a shooting and archery range. The location is just a little off of downtown, and we easily walked into town when we felt like it. If you don’t want to leave the resort though, it’s entirely possible to stay within the resort grounds your entire stay! There are multiple restaurants and a range of activities for guests to partake in. We had such a great weekend staying at Chetola, and you can check out the entire review here.

There are some other great options for hotels in Blowing Rock. I have always wanted to stay at The Village Inn or so many cute cottage options in the area.

Blowing Rock Hiking

Part of the reason Blowing Rock is so fantastic is the hiking. The mountains that surround the area boast an impressive display of waterfalls, summits, and endless Blue Ridge views. There are different hikes for all different levels, and any trip to the area should be accompanied with a hike.T he weather this area has a tendency to change on the drop of a dime, so be prepared!

My personal favorite in the area is Grandfather Mountain hikes. This mountain is mean, folks. But if you catch Grandfather while he’s in a good mood, it’s an absolute picture perfect time.

Other great options are Linville Falls, and Rough Ridge. Both of these hikes are much more family friendly. Rough Ridge is probably one of the most picture perfect hikes in the area, and makes for a great photo opportunity.

For those looking for beautiful scenery without much work, Bass Lake Trail just off downtown is a great way to spend the day. It’s a rather large lake with a trail around it, and the views are beautiful! We unfortunately went during a snow storm, and it was a tad too cold for us to stay and enjoy.

blowing rock

The Blue Ridge Parkway is also close to Blowing Rock, which is a great way to spend a pretty day. The Blue Ridge Parkway has tons of hikes, viewpoints, and points of interest. There’s so much beauty to be seen, and the Parkway is such a great way to take it all in. The Linn Cove Viaduct is a part of the Parkway that extends out past the mountain. and is iconic of many photos of the Parkway. If you’re in Blowing Rock, definitely check it out!

blowing rock

Blowing Rock is such a cute town, with some great mountain history. There’s a lot of native history as well in these mountains, and it’s beyond interesting to imagine how places like Blowing Rock were in a different era. Either way, Blowing Rock is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway!


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  • Looks beautiful! I live in Virginia and NC would be a good drive if this place is worth it! What time of the year were these pictures taken? (From looking at the vibrant color of the trees)

    • Always A Foreigner says:

      It is a gorgeous town! I think the drive from Virginia would be quick too because it is located in north western North Carolina rather than far western. The pictures with the colorful trees were taken 1st or 2nd week of October. The foliage in Blowing Rock tends to change earlier than some places because it is such high elevation. We love the town in any season though, I hope you can make it there one day!

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