Long Weekend in Telluride, Colorado | Always A Foreigner

Long Weekend in Telluride, Colorado

Long Weekend in Telluride, Colorado | Always A Foreigner

Caren and Cazzie

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Long Weekend in Telluride, Colorado

telluride, colorado

Telluride, Colorado is one of those places that seems to be everyone’s favorite. If you’ve been, you’ve most likely been swooned by the quaintness of the tiny town nestled between the San Juan Mountains. While there’s no shortness of great mountains in Colorado, the San Juan Mountains are impressively rugged and terrifyingly beautiful. They truly create the perfect setting for cozy and friendly Telluride.

Main Street, Telluride, Colorado

Telluride’s main street is a short but adorable stretch of restaurants and shops, and we spent a wonderful half day walking arou

nd and visiting the different places of interest. There are a couple of wonderful clothing boutiques and beautiful home goods stores worth stopping in. While the items for sale are rather expensive, but it’s still so much fun to walk through them to see what they have to offer.

The Free Box 

The town of Telluride has a section of outdoor bins located on Main Street called the “Free Box” that anyone is welcome to. I thought this was an awesome concept, and you can find anything in there from old snow gear, to books, to home goods, to funny old hats. You’re able to donate items or take as you need or want, and it’s fun to rummage!

Frozen Waterfalls

Drive to the end of the main road, past the wacky colorful vacation rentals, and you’ll end up at an old abandoned mine with awesome views of towering rock cliffs around you. We could see not one…not two…but three frozen waterfalls in the distance! In the summer you can reach these waterfalls by a short but intense hike, but we chose to keep our feet and pants dry and save them for warmer times.

telluride, colorado

Places to Eat

After walking around the downtown area, we had worked up quite an appetite. We stopped at Oak, the New Fat Alley BBQ, which is a killer place for filling food and cold beers or drinks. It is literally steps away from the skiing slope, which makes it a popular place among skiers and snowboarders to stop throughout the day and refuel. Their Mac’n’Cheese is excellent, along with their slider trio and pulled chicken sandwich. We also ordered some Fried Okra, because you can take us out of the South but you can’t take the Southern out of us. 🙂

oak fat alley BBQ Telluride

Our second day, we stopped Tomboy Tavern in Mountain Village for lunch. Again, this is right off the slopes so it’s a popular place to stop after being on the mountain all day. Cazzie and I shared the wings and they were fantastic, but our friend ordered the Soba Noodle Bowl and it was the clear winner. Complete with a fried egg on top, this dish looked difficult to beat. Tomboy’s is a favorite among both locals and out-of-towners, which is generally when you know it must be good. There’s both a cute outdoor patio for nice days, or an indoor section if you’re looking to warm up.


Located halfway down the mountain, Gorrono Ranch sells food and drinks and have seating both inside and outside depending on the weather. The food options are set up like a cafeteria, and they have quite a bit of options available such as sandwiches, salads, soups, chili, and burgers. Head to the smaller shack to the right of the main entrance if you only want beer for way shorter lines.


We made a full post on the 5 Best Ski-In Restaurants here, so check it out if you’re curious for more!

Where to Stay

Telluride is broken into two different towns, Moutain Village and Telluride. We stayed at a home in Mountain Village, and were able to take the free gondola up from downtown Telluride. Both Mountain Village and Telluride are connected via a free gondola, which makes traveling between either very easy. There are countless options for places to stay in Telluride, but probably the easiest and most comfortable are vacation rentals. Prices can range, as can the quality and size of the house and location but it’s safe to say you will be able to find something that fits with your needs.

Sunrise on the Mountain from Mountain Village

Mountain Village is smaller than Downtown Telluride, but has shops and restaurants all located in a central plaza. It seemed like most of the shops here were resort-esque sports retailers or high end clothing, so beware of paying a much higher rate than regular retail prices.

Late Night Fun

After seeing The String Cheese Incident in Mountain Village, we went out to The Liberty for a late night option. This is a brand new bar, located right off Main Street in Downtown Telluride, Colorado. The decor is beautiful, with giant gleaming counter tops and interesting candle chandeliers hanging over your head. It’s decently small, but there’s an open area with some tables and then a lounge area with very comfortable couches in the front section of the venue. Our drink of the weekend was the Mountain Mule, or bourbon and ginger beer and they made an excellent one here!

Gorrono Ranch

Sunday started lazily, but eventually we were on the slopes for the mountain performance of String Cheese Incident at Gorrono Ranch. This was a special ski-to show only, which made it something truly special and unique. Gorrono Ranch, even without a concert, is a great place to rest and relax while skiing. 


After another day full of snowboarding and skiing, we were wiped. We headed to the second show of The String Cheese Incident, closing out our time in Telluride with another fantastic night. After the show was over, we reveled in the beauty of the full moon with a midnight hike, and reminisced how it was a perfect long weekend in Telluride, Colorado. We can’t wait to head back for the wedding of our friends this summer, and to be back among the beautiful San Juan Mountains. Until then!


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  • Question, On 2018, I plan to go to USA for adventure activities, one of the activities that I am looking for is to learn how to ski, do you have recommendations which ski resort are suitable for beginners.

    • Always A Foreigner says:

      Most of the resorts (Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California) offer lessons, which might be a good idea to take if you have never skied before. Colorado resorts are excellent for all types, and that’s where most of the people I know learned how to ski. They’re also close to Denver, so you could tie in a trip to the city if you wanted. And it makes it easier to get to. There’s tons of options in Colorado, but Aspen, Steamboat, Beaver Creek and Copper Mountain are all awesome options!

      • Thanks for that, I will put that into list to check on. We don’t have snow in my country, so there is no way to learn that sport. For me, I just want to learn even just the basics. Thank you for your immediate response, I really appreciated it.

        • Always A Foreigner says:

          It’s a lot of fun once you get the hang of it! I’ve heard skiing is easier to learn than snowboarding. I hope you have an excellent time!

  • Wow Caren and Cazzie what an adventure!!! This is some exciting happenings occurring with you both. Be safe and thank you for sharing.

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