9 San Juan Del Sur Restaurants to Not Miss | Always A Foreigner

9 San Juan Del Sur Restaurants to Not Miss

9 San Juan Del Sur Restaurants to Not Miss | Always A Foreigner

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9 San Juan Del Sur Restaurants to Not Miss

San Juan del Sur Restaurants

Have you ever traveled somewhere new and been overwhelmed with the amount of food options? I know I have! Luckily we were able to spend six months in Nicaragua, with most of our time in San Juan del Sur, so we like to think we know a thing or two. These 9 restaurants in San Juan Del Sur are places you don’t want to miss out on, and even just writing this post make my mouth water a little bit. Just a fair warning, but we didn’t eat at many of the big restaurants on the beach because they were massively overpriced and were never really that great.

1. La Lancha

Definitely eat here…more than once. You can get a whole red snapper plate for $3 and it’s the best fish dish I’ve ever had. The star of the show though is their lobster tail…for $4. The tails are a little on the small side but they’re still delicious. Try their ceviche if you’re into that! It’s a small little place with only a couple tables and the interior is nothing fancy but the food speaks for itself. If you go on a fishing tour in San Juan Del Sur, they will cook your catch for you.

San Juan Del Sur Restaurants
La Lancha stole my heart

2. The Market

In the center of the town is the marketplace, with vendors selling fruits, veggies, and touristy shirts and flip-flops. But there’s also a marketplace restaurant (or a couple different restaurants actually) in the front of the building entrance. The food is cheap, the meals are huge, and it’s a true authentic experience.


3. Sushi

This tiny little corner store with one bench and one employee had some of the best sushi ever. I’m not entirely sure what the actual name of the restaurant is but painted over the entry way to the inside is “Sushi.” In a fishing town like SJDS, you know that you’re eating the fish that was caught that morning and the sushi tastes excellent because of this! Bring beer or drinks from the corner store across the way, or for an extra 5 cordobas, he’ll run over and grab them for you.


San Juan Del Sur Restaurants
The Sunset from Vivian

4. El Timon/Vivian

El Timon and Vivian were probably the only restaurants on the beach that we frequented and enjoyed. These were both solid happy hour favorites of ours. $1 drinks, chairs on the beach, and cheap little snacks were the perfect way to end a day! If you haven’t been to San Juan Del Sur, the sunsets in the bay are some of the prettiest you will ever see. Sit back and enjoy the show! 

5. Cha Cha’s

I personally loved this expat hotspot. Their beer is the coldest in SJDS, sometimes even frozen. They’re a fan favorite mostly because everything on the menu is $3.95, and they have all different types of food. The back area is like a jungle garden, but make sure to spray up with mosquito spray before heading here.


6. Simon Says

This place was our go-to for breakfast and smoothies. Their little garden zen space was always so relaxing. Their smoothies are excellent and made with fresh fruits from the region, and they have a happy hour discounted price in the afternoon. They also have all you can eat breakfasts of gallopinto (rice and beans), plantains, potatoes, and queso fresco. Not the most exciting food for many, but I always left feeling full and happy.

San Juan Del Sur Restaurants
Eclectic chic at Simon Says

7. Dale Pues

 This place serves up fantastic bagels and sandwiches. It’s a tad pricey for budgeters, but the food is totally worth it. We loved coming here for a giant breakfast sandwich that would leave me happy all day long. This is a traveler hotspot, and for good reason!

8. Fritangas

Don’t miss out on the Fritangas that will line the streets after dark! Some of the most satisfying meals were the ones we had from these street vendors. And some of the cheapest for what you get! These only light up after dark, and our favorite was the one right next to Republika.


9. The Taco Stop

Last but not least is The Taco Stop. We lived right around the corner and were here for midnight snacks quite a bit. The guy who was usually working was a great guy, and Cazzie and him ended up being friends. The liquor store turned semi-bar at night was right next door, and lots of people would grab a beer and wait for their tacos. I don’t know what it was about these tacos, but they were seriously heavenly after a long day of surfing.

San Juan del Sur Restaurants
The Taco Stop
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