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Hi, We're Caren and Cazzie and we're Always A Foreigner. Welcome to our travel blog! We hope you find it useful. We love waterfalls, street eats, and anything to do with travel and adventure. We met while volunteering in India, and since then have made it our goal to travel to as many places as we can. Join us on our journey!

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The best way to see the outdoors? Hiking! We love to hike anywhere we are in the world, and have been hiking in every country we’ve been in.



How to Visit Grandfather Mountain State Park For Free

Oh, to visit Grandfather Mountain. The mile high swinging bridge, dense and diverse forests, and panoramic views have long been a favorite in the hearts of many in North Carolina ...
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Car Camping for Beginners: Crash Course

My first camping trip, I was a mess. What if I forget the most important items? How will I cook all my food? What if I get injured? What if ...
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Hiking Looking Glass Rock

As you're driving southbound on the parkway from Asheville, it's hard to miss Looking Glass Rock looming in the distance. Surrounded by a carpet of forest, Looking Glass Rock is ...
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18 Photos to Convince you to Visit North Carolina in the Fall

There is nothing like fall in North Carolina. Miles upon miles of continuous forest, mornings shrouded in foggy mist, and a respite from the heat of the summer make fall ...
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7 Best North Carolina Waterfalls

Western North Carolina can also be described as the "Land of Waterfalls," due to the 250+ waterfalls that grace it's landscape. We're huge waterfall chasers, and we spend most of ...
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Camping in the Aspen Rockies

Colorado is a true dream. One of those places that outdoor lovers can’t help but fall in love with, and never want to leave. Cazzie used to live in Colorado ...
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