Isle de Ometepe: The Ultimate Guide | Always A Foreigner

Isle de Ometepe: The Ultimate Guide

Isle de Ometepe: The Ultimate Guide | Always A Foreigner

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Isle de Ometepe: The Ultimate Guide

For anyone visiting Nicaragua, definitely check out Isle de Ometepe! For everything that Nicaragua has to offer (it’s a lot!), this is by far one of the coolest corners of the country. Wild jungles, friendly people, and organic smoothies made our trip unforgettable.

Getting There/Around

Isle de Ometepe itself is made up of two volcanoes and the only way to reach it is by ferry across Lago de Nicaragua. This lake is the only location of fresh water bull sharks in the world! Leave from ports at either Rivas (45 minutes) or Granada (3-4 hours).  The port at Rivas has a wonderful tourist information booth that will help you book any and all travel plans, and can give you personalized itineraries.

We rented a car/driver for the day but if I were to do that over again, I would definitely just rent scooters. Regardless of what sort of wheels you’re rocking, transportation is definitely necessary! I’m a big fan of buses and public transportation when possible, but Isle de Ometepe doesn’t have those resources. Most roads are gravel, so be prepared for a rough ride.

Hike Isle de Ometepe Volcanoes

The two volcanoes are each hikable, which makes for a grueling but totally worth it climb. At the top of Volcan Concepcion, there is a hidden lake for a refreshing dip. The views looking down over Volcan Maderas and the island are seriously some of my favorite from any hike I’ve done. Guides are necessary, and our guide was really nice and informative about local petroglyphs in the area. We would have been really lost without him, and we only paid about 500 cordobas for three people to do the half-climb up Concepcion.

San Ramon Cascada

Another hike on the island for those who don’t want their quads to feel like rubber, is the much more laid back Cascada de San Ramon. Start at the Biological Station and follow the trail 2km to the beautiful waterfall at the end. If you would like to wade in the pool at the bottom, go right ahead! Hike up a little farther to view the waterfall from a raised platform. Warning: the trail can become slippery and hard to follow after heavy rains.

Ojos de Agua

For those who love to relax, Ojos de Agua is your place to be. An underwater river feeds into these beautiful pools, heating them naturally. There are vendors around the edges of the pool selling coconut drinks, snacks and waters. Come here to swim, use the rope swings, or just hang out in the giant chairs by the water. This is a rather touristy place, but relaxing and inviting nonetheless!


This is the largest city on the island, and the biggest port. We stayed here the night before catching the ferry home for convenience. There’s some fun bars and restaurants in the area, and it becomes alive after dark. Check with your hostel/hotel before you leave though, as some lock their doors after a certain time.

So happy on Isle de Ometepe!

We have been itching to get back to Isle de Ometepe the minute we left. The island provided us with some of our fondest memories of our stay in Nicaragua. Don’t miss out on it!

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