Blowing Rock Brewery: Staying at the Inn | Always A Foreigner

Blowing Rock Brewery: Staying at the Inn

Blowing Rock Brewery: Staying at the Inn | Always A Foreigner

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Blowing Rock Brewery: Staying at the Inn

A while ago, we entered a contest through Blowing Rock Brewery for a free stay at the Blowing Rock Brewery Inn and Ale House. To our surprise, we won! We were super pumped, as Blowing Rock is one of our favorite towns in North Carolina. For those that don’t know, Blowing Rock is a super cute town in the high country of North Carolina. Imagine endless mountain views, adorable local boutique and artist shops and awesome hiking.

We had been to the Blowing Rock Brewery before, but had never stayed in their inn. Blowing Rock Brewery is located on a side street off the main road. Everything in town is easily walkable, so being downtown is the perfect place to stay. If you’re looking for a great weekend getaway, Blowing Rock is the perfect place! You can check out our post on the town here.

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The bar and restaurant are on the bottom floor of the Blowing Rock Brewery building, and up a single flight of stairs they have five rooms in the second floor area. It’s set up almost like a house, so the entire atmosphere is super cozy.

We booked the Stout Room, which is the equivalent to the king suite of the Blowing Rock Brewery Inn.  We did get a tour of all the inn rooms though before we chose Stout, and none of the options were a bad pick. The Stout Room was fabulous though. I was pleasantly surprised at how roomy it was, with a king size bed, and a sitting area. My favorite part of the room aside from the mega comfortable bed, was the radiator they had plugged into the wall to generate heat. I loved this old school feel to the room!

blowing rock brewery

We explored the Blowing Rock downtown area by day, tried and failed to go on a hike due to the weather, and came back to the cozy Blowing Rock Brewery Ale House for dinner.

We were treated to a fabulous dinner and great beer, all while snuggled next to a warm furnace. Their menu is a mixture of southern classics and beer hall food, and they manage to have a couple of hard hitting entrees. I opted for the bison burger, mostly because it is raised and farmed in North Carolina. Plus, I’ve never had bison before so I figured it was worth a try. Cazzie was also on the bison train, as he ordered the bison chili soup in a bread bowl. We’re both guiltily addicted to pimento cheese, so we also ordered the markedly southern dish as an appetizer. All items were fantastic, as was the beer! I love the High Country Ale, and Cazzie found their IPA super tasty.

The best part of staying in the tavern though? When we were done with dinner, we ordered beers from the bar and took them back into our room! blowing rock brewery

We took advantage of snuggling under our covers, watching a movie, and drinking our beers from the comfort of our room. It was freezing in Blowing Rock, so being able to crank the radiator on high and stay toasty warm was amazing.

Our stay at the Blowing Rock Brewery Inn was definitely something that made visiting Blowing Rock even better. The downtown location, the ability to drink beers in your room, and the convenience of just walking upstairs after a night in the Ale House were all great perks of staying a the Blowing Rock Brewery Inn. If you’re a beer lover, and looking for somewhere to stay, don’t forget about the Blowing Rock Brewery Inn!

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