5 Best Ski-In Restaurants in Telluride, Colorado | Always A Foreigner

5 Best Ski-In Restaurants in Telluride, Colorado

5 Best Ski-In Restaurants in Telluride, Colorado | Always A Foreigner

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5 Best Ski-In Restaurants in Telluride, Colorado

5 Best Ski-In Restaurants in Telluride, Colorado

Telluride, Colorado is a ski resort nestled in the San Juan Mountains. If you’re in the need of a refuel while on the mountain and don’t want to stray too far, these 5 best ski-in restaurants in Telluride, Colorado offer the perfect opportunity to rest your legs and fill your stomachs. The best part is, you won’t have to even leave the slopes!

Alpino Vino

The world’s highest fine dining restaurant in North America, this is one to not miss. Only accessible from Gold Hill Express/Lift 14, take a left as you exit the chairlift and you’ll wind up at their entrance. There’s a beautiful patio area with seating, or a smaller inside area as well. When you’re this high up on the mountain, the sun feels amazing! Their menu is exquisite, centered around Italian cuisine, and they have an extensive wine list. For night dining here, guests can be taken in a snow cat to the restaurant since accessibility is limited.

Gorrono Ranch

Much more casual than Alpino Vino, this cafeteria style food and drink option is tons of fun. Families can be seen hanging out on their “beach,” complete with plastic chairs to bask in the sun a bit while relaxing. Food options are salads, soups, sandwiches, burgers, and chili. As an added plus, they have tall boy Pacifico’s and PBR’s! Located on the Misty Maiden Trail under Chairlift 4.

Oak Fat Alley BBQ

Out of the list of best ski-in restaurants in Telluride, Colorado, this was a personal favorite of ours. Located in Downtown Teluride at the end of The Telluride Trail on Oak street, it’s a fun atmosphere and good eats. The patio was so much fun to hang out on, and watch the skiers come down the finish of the Telluride Trail. Plus because it’s not on-mountain technically, there’s usually a dog or two on the patio. The food here is also pretty good, and they have a good selection of beer on tap and in cans or bottles. The Mac’n’cheese, slider trio and pulled chicken were all amazing. Also, definitely get an order of the fried Okra while here!

best ski-in restaurants in telluride, colorado
The View from the Patio

Tomboy Tavern

Similar to Oak Fat Alley BBQ but a little nicer, it’s located in Mountain Village at the main chairlift/gondola entrance. The Soba Noodle Bowl is to die for and is also gigantic. We split the buffalo wings while we were there as well, and while they weren’t very spicy they still tasted phenomenal. If you’re looking for a great drink, their famous Bloody Mary is a meal in itself, complete with shrimp on the top! Sit out on the patio to watch everyone headed towards the chairlift. 

Take the free Gondola up to Mountain Village from Telluride to get to Tomboy Tavern!


This is located at the top of Lift 9, and has a southern comfort food vibe to it. This is the only one on the list that we didn’t make it to, but we’ve heard that it’s excellent from many others who have been. The views are beautiful, and the mountains you can see far in the distance belong to Utah!


Taking advantage of these 5 best Ski-in Restaurants in Telluride, Colorado is a great way to stay on the slopes for as long as you can. And trust us, you’ll definitely want to be out there as long as possible.

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