Exploring the Abandoned Bali Ghost Hotel | Always A Foreigner

Exploring the Abandoned Bali Ghost Hotel

Exploring the Abandoned Bali Ghost Hotel | Always A Foreigner

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Exploring the Abandoned Bali Ghost Hotel

Before coming to Indonesia, Cazzie had heard of this abandoned Bali Ghost Hotel, and he was so jazzed on trying to find it. The locations we found online were a little vague, but one day while staying near the Bali Twin Lakes, we were coming back from a waterfall on the motorbike and happened to drive right past it. We had to check it out!

The stories surround the Bali Ghost Hotel, also known as the PI Bedugul Taman Rekreasi Hotel and Resort, range from odd to completely far fetched. My favorite story is that on opening night, an entire hotel full of guests and staff mysteriously disappeared never to return to the living. No one ever entered since.

Or the story that say that the hotel is now inhabited by workers who met their demise in the construction of the palace, and you can meet them in the hotel’s halls. The locals might avoid it for this reason.

Another folklore tale says that during building, the developer angered the spirits in his corrupt building tactics, and the spirits doomed the hotel to teach him a lesson.

bali ghost hotel bali ghost hotel

Probably closer to the truth though, is that the President’s youngest son was building this Bali Ghost Hotel, and then for some unknown reason building just stopped. The most commonly believed story is that he was sent to jail in 2002 for ordering an assassination on a judge, and the building then lost funding and no one ever finished it. The hotel went to ruin, and now the locals believe it to be haunted.

As we drove up to the gate, the shop owner from next door came out and said that he was the security guard. He asked us for 20,000 rupiah for both of us, and then we were on our way. While I’m most definitely positive he was not the security guard, I wasn’t about to argue with him.

As we walked up to the entrance of the compound Bali Ghost Hotel , we were already blown away. We could tell instantly that this hotel was going to be a beautiful luxury hotel had it ever been finished. The grand entry way lead into an even grander reception hall. The floors were all marble, the staircases were wide and sweeping, and the view from the back of the hotel was stunning.

bali ghost hotel bali ghost hotelbali ghost hotel

The best thing about the Bali Ghost Hotel was that there was no restrictions. The “security guard” just told us to be careful, and we were off to exploring. There was no one watching over us. We were completely free to do as we liked.

bali ghost hotel bali ghost hotel

We walked into all the rooms, marveling at the gorgeous rice terrace and mountain views. We explored the second story where there was a wild overgrown garden area. We walked up to the third floor where there was a beautiful ballroom and restaurant area with a flooded seating area.

bali ghost hotelbali ghost hotel


After walking all around the Bali Ghost Hotel, I’m not sure if it’s haunted, but it sure is haunting. To see all this wealth, planning, and time lay to waste is spooky to say the least. I will also say that it sounded like a small child was crying at one point during us walking around, and I never did see any small children while we were there.

While I can’t give an exact location, the Bali Ghost Hotel was located somewhere on the road towards the twin lakes region. You’ll know it when you see it!

bali ghost hotel bali ghost hotel

Exploring the hotel was a blast though. I’ve never really explored anything abandoned before, so this was quite a new and wild experience. If you can find the Bali Ghost Hotel, definitely pull over!

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