9 Things to Always Pack in Carry-on Baggage | Always A Foreigner

9 Things to Always Pack in Carry-on Baggage

9 Things to Always Pack in Carry-on Baggage | Always A Foreigner

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9 Things to Always Pack in Carry-on Baggage

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What to Bring in your Carry-on?

While you’re packing your carry-on baggage, a lot of questions can come up. Do I really need this item? Am I forgetting anything important? Is this worth the extra weight to lug around the airport? What things to pack in carry-on baggage? Whether you’re on a quick flight or an overnight one, these are ALWAYS things to pack in carry-on baggage.

1. Important Papers

This is probably the most important one on this list. You should have a folder with passport or ID card paper copies, flight itinerary, destination addresses including the name of your hotel, and a list of important phone numbers in case of an emergency. If you’re traveling to a country where you might not know the language, print a map of the hotel location and directions in the language of the country. This was a lifesaver for us when we traveled to China. It’s also worth nothing that you should never check valuable things such as large sums of money, jewelry, laptops/cameras in case they get lost or broken.

2. Chapstick and Lotion

My lips and skin are always cracked and bleeding after a long flight…gross, I know. I usually carry 2-4 different tubes of chapstick on me, and 2 carry-on size bottles of lotion. That way if I lose one throughout my travels or use it up, I have a backup. The lotion will need to be placed in a zip-lock baggie for security checkpoints and cannot be over 4 oz.

things to pack in carry-on baggage
My array of chap sticks

3. Baby/Face Wipes

There’s nothing worse than being on a plane for 15 hours and feeling dirty and oily. Cleaning your face can instantly refresh you and make you feel loads better. Baby wipes also work wonders for refreshing your face and body, and as an added bonus they come in handy if there’s no toilet paper in bathrooms.

4. Hand Sanitizer

 Airports are gross. Planes are gross. It’s a fact of life that not all people wash their hands. Carry hand sanitizer, you’ll thank yourself later. Not only is hand sanitizer useful on a plane or in airports, but it will help you during traveling if a sink isn’t available to wash your hands. And this happens more often than you would think.

5. Earphones

Earphones are the item that will keep you entertained for long periods of time, and an added bonus on a flight are noise cancelling earphones. I was sick of mine always getting tangled in my bag, so I got organized and keep them untangled by using cord tacos. Want your own cord taco? Get yours by clicking on the first picture below.

Cord Tacos, a Travel Lifesaver!

6. Change of Clothes

 One of the worst things that can happen while traveling is lost luggage. While I truly hope that this never happens to anyone, being prepared with a change of clothes (or two) in your carry-on is extremely smart. Keep it simple though, and don’t over pack. Generally one pair of pants, two shirts and a change of underwear is perfect for any “just in case” scenario. 

7. Sleeping Mask

 Buy one and you’ll question what you were ever doing without it in the first place. I sort of bought ours as a joke at first, but we ended up loving them and use ours to this day. Ours are even funny little pandas and dog faces, so the added bonus is I get a good laugh every time we put them on.

things to pack in carry-on baggage
How cute are these?!

Pro Tip: If you’re going to be on a long flight, Melatonin is a natural sleep aide that helps you fall asleep. We combat jet lag with this to get our schedules in sync with the time where we are currently, and it works wonders. Plus it’s all natural! 

8. Water Bottle

 Carry an empty water bottle into the airport, and fill it up with filtered water after you’re through security to save a little money. Otherwise, buy one at the airport and save it to reuse for when you get parched mid-flight! Staying hydrated while traveling is very important, and due to the lack of humidity in the cabin while flying, planes can cause you to need to drink more water. 

9. Entertainment

Not having entertainment can make even a short flight feel much longer. Make sure all electronics are fully charged before your trip! Our list of travel entertainment essentials include:

  • Laptop: Download movies to your hard drive to have while traveling.
  • Deck of Cards: We play cards all the time, and the best part about this is that they’re light to carry around and easy to throw in a bag!
  • Podcasts/Music: We generally download podcasts about the place we’re going and listen to them on the flight. We have a ear phone splitter that allows us to listen to the same podcast at the same time, which is handy.
  • Books/Magazines: Bring one or two books with you while traveling, and trade them in at hostel book exchanges when you’re finished. I don’t really have time to read unless I’m traveling, but I love to curl up with a book whenever I can!



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