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Master Airport Check-In

Master Airport Check-In | Always A Foreigner

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Master Airport Check-In

Breeze Through Airport Check-In!

No one likes the dreaded airport check-in process. The long lines, dirty bins, and the anxiety of having anything in your bag that shouldn’t be there is enough to make anyone scream. Use these tips and tricks to handle check-in like a pro!


  • Check in Beforehand if Possible

    • This can save tons of time! Often for international flights online check-in isn’t an option, but domestic flights can generally be done ahead of time. Print your boarding pass or save an image on your phone to speed up standing in check-in lines.
  • Wear Slip On/Off Shoes

    • And don’t forget socks! Airport floors can be really nasty so don’t make the mistake of stepping in something unwanted.
  • Organize Your Bag

    • Organization is key to a painless check-in process. Have all necessary items grouped together. I don’t put anything in my pocket because it might fall out or get stolen. Make sure your laptop is easy to pull out for security. I generally have my passport, boarding pass, and ID cards together in an easy to reach pocket on my carry-on bag before arriving at the airport. My carry-ons can get pretty full so I have a “plane bag” for easy access to anything I might want while on the flight. I generally have snacks, ear phones, books, a deck of cards, and face wipes in this bag.
  • Go Through Your Bag Before the Airport

    • I’m guilty of accumulating a lot of crap in my bags as time goes on. Often times, my carry-on bag is my backpack, so it gets used for a lot of different purposes. Sometimes, things pile up in there that shouldn’t be taken through airport security. A good idea is to check through a backpack BEFORE going through security to avoid the embarrassing “is this your bag” process. Also, it not a lot of fun when your nail clippers get taken away for the eight time in a row.
  • Know the Liquid Rules!

    • When in doubt, check liquids if possible. If you’re flying simply with a carry-on, the 3-1-1 rule applies. Go small or go home. 3.4 ounces or 100mL of liquid, 1-quart sized bag, and one bag for passenger. Get the little travel bottles and fill up from your normal sized guys.
  • Weigh your Bag

    • Weigh your bag beforehand if at all possible and know the weight limits! International flights are generally 50 pounds and it’s a good idea to check domestic flight restrictions. Some flights don’t have a complimentary checked bag, so be aware of extra fees. Pay them ahead if you can to save time.


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