5 Mistakes New Travelers Make | Always A Foreigner

5 Mistakes New Travelers Make

5 Mistakes New Travelers Make | Always A Foreigner

Caren and Cazzie

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5 Mistakes New Travelers Make

Common Travel Mistakes

Hey guys! For everyone out there that is planning their first trip, I came up with a list of things that I think people who are new to traveling sometimes do. I know I was guilty of most of these! Hopefully these can help those on their maiden voyage, and can save you some frustration and time. Don’t make newbie mistakes and make the most out of your trip!

1. Accepting the First Price

Haggling is real people! If you’re a good haggler, you will save loads of money while traveling. First, make sure you’re in a country that haggling is standard practice. Once you know it’s acceptable, NEVER accept the first price! Usually these prices are 3 or 4 times the amount of a normal rate, and whoever got you to pay that high of a price is definitely laughing. Haggling is a true art, but if you go into it with a friendly attitude you’re more likely to get a good price and have a good time.

Tuk-Tuk Southeast Asia
Tuk-tuk drivers are the worst at trying to scam you for overpriced rides! Make sure you haggle your way down to a fair price.


2. Sleeping In

Now I love my bed more than most, but when I’m traveling I am ready to go early. There’s so much to see and do, how can you waste the day in bed?! Benefits of waking up early include not having to stand in line with massive crowds at major attractions, and for all you tropics lovers out there…getting out of the heat! Get up and out of bed because a mid-afternoon retreat into shade and possibly air-conditioning if you’re lucky will be better than sleeping in.

3. Packing Wayyy Too Much

 Okay, admittedly I still do this. Cazzie helps me to remember that I will be miserable while traveling with all that useless stuff in my pack. Sometimes it’s easy to convince yourself that you’re going to need that extra sweater or pair of shoes….but in reality you don’t. Lightweight clothes plus layers are all you really need. Plus, pack for any activities while traveling you might be doing such as hiking. Comfort is key! As for gear, don’t get a backpack that fits too much or you’re going to be the one stuck carrying it!

Nicaragua Street Food
These little fried plantains were such a treat!

4. Not Eating Street Food

Trying local foods, especially from street vendors, is one of our favorite activities. When we were in Delhi, we were on first name basis with multiple street vendors. We had our favorite chicken guy, favorite cookie guy, and favorite momo guy…and so on. Plus, street food is SO CHEAP! I got obsessed with the fried strips of plantains in Nicaragua, and ate them far too frequently. But every calorie was worth it!  Seriously, street food is amazing.


5. Not Traveling Your Own Trip

Everyone’s experience is different. You might wantto do something that many other travelers want to. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it! Some of our favorite memories of trips were ones where we were some of the only travelers in the area. You get a much more authentic experience and view of a different culture when you venture off the beaten path. Plus, you worked hard to get to be able to travel…don’t miss out on anything that you’ve been wanting to see! Just be responsible about what activities you partake in 🙂

Koh Lanta Beach
We went off season to Ko Lanta and had private beaches the entire time!


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  • Laura says:

    Mistake Number 6: Not getting in touch with people from your destination. If you only wander tourist paths, you’ll miss out making new friends! I love Couchsurfing meetings or networking events to get in contact with other people. They often have the best advice for hidden travel treasures. And they can help you bargain! (I’m so bad in it!)

    • alwaysaforeigner says:

      So true!! Thanks for the input because this is definitely something that can be an awesome resource when traveling. Going more local means a completely different experience…and a more authentic one!

  • I can’t agree more especially the first one. Thanks for the post. very helpful

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