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Top 5 Best Asheville Breweries

Top 5 Best Asheville Breweries | Always A Foreigner

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Top 5 Best Asheville Breweries
Best Asheville Breweries
Sierra Nevada Brewing


Narrowing down the best Asheville breweries to just 5 was honestly pretty tricky because there are so many great options. I gave it a whirl anyways but you really can’t go wrong in the beer capital of the nation. Here’s my list of the best Asheville breweries!

1. Sierra Nevada Brewing

Located actually 20 minutes outside downtown Asheville in Mills River, NC, this brewery is well worth the trip. The brewery itself is unbelievable, with the highest quality brewing equipment money can afford. However, the land surrounding the brewery was what stole the show. The complex the brewery sits on has its own organic garden, playground for children, multiple outdoor fire pits, games, a nature path that you can take your beer on, and a full restaurant. Bring the whole family, and dogs too because this one is the perfect day trip! More info.

2. Burial Beer Co.

Burial was one of the first “best” breweries I found when I started visiting Asheville. Located smack dab in the middle of the South Slope Brewery District, it isn’t hard to find. It’s location is perfect for brewery hopping. They have a great selection of light and heavy beers for all your tastes, and while they have limited seating in the front section of the tasting room, the room opens up into a semi-outdoor, heated and covered sitting room. Beyond that, they have a wonderful outdoor section that has some games and extends back behind the brewery. The décor is easy going, farm inspired, and the beer is even better. More info.

3. The Wedge Brewing Co.

Best Asheville Breweries
The Wedge Brewing Company

This brewery will always be a favorite, mostly because it’s an all-around great atmosphere. Their tap room is a small bar area, and after being served you head outside to the picnic area. Food truck El Kimchi, a Mexican-Korean fusion is generally located on premises, and the food is delicious! Bring your dog (most others do!) and enjoy the sunshine. This brewery is located by the river in the arts district, and make sure to walk through the artist studios afterwards to check out their work. More info.

4. Wicked Weed

Wicked Weed has been crushing the brewery game for a while now, and it’s definitely worth stopping in. This has been considered one of the best Asheville breweries for a while, and their Pernicious IPA is one of the best I’ve ever had. They also boast a full restaurant that has excellent food.   Definitely call ahead though and reserve a talbe, as it can get packed. Also worth noting is the Wicked Weed Funkatorium. The owners of Wicked Weed created a new and separate brewery for their more experimental beers- think sours and funky barrel aging. You can find the Funkatorium down the street from the main brewery in the South Slope Brewery District. More info. 

5. Catawba Brewing Co.

Catawba started in Morganton, NC and has since opened 2 more locations in Asheville and plans to open a Charlotte location in early 2017. While they fall on my list of best Asheville breweries, I actually first visited them in their hometown. They have a good all around selection of easy-to-drink beers. My favorites are the Farmer Ted’s or the Revenuers Red, but there are tons of options to choose from. The location in South Slope has an outdoor concert venue, games, and ample seating, and the indoor area is open and airy. Check out the live plant wall on the far side of the brewery! More info. 

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